Volkel Airbase 11/10/2010 NEW

Volkel was the setting for the annual "NATO TigerMeet". All NATO squadrons with tiger logos are invited to participate in this huge exercise which is held on a different location each year. This year the host of the exercise was the 313th squadron of the Royal Netherlands Airforce which is based at Volkel Airbase, The Netherlands. The "TigerMeet" provides an excellent opportunity to see specially painted aircraft and lots of activity. This is why Erwin Doornkamp and me decided to pay Volkel a visit. READ MORE!


Volkel Airbase 25/03/2010 NEW



Leeuwarden Airbase 22/04/2009

Back again at Leeuwarden! This time for the annual "Frisian Flag" exercise, which is held at Leeuwarden Airbase. Goal of Frisian Flag is accomplishing a variety of missions with internation cooperation using the latest tactics and technologies. Eventhough a lot of the invited squadrons couldn't participate, such as the Polish Vipers, it was still interesting enough for us to pay a visit to Leeuwarden. READ MORE!




Leeuwarden Airbase 16/02/2009

Because we had some time off, fellow photographers Erwin Doornkamp, Robbin Stalma and I decided to visit Leeuwarden Airbase, in the north of The Netherlands. Our preferred choice was Volkel Airbase because it was closer to our location, but Volkel was conducting night-flying operations so that would mean low-light photography, and we decided it was best to go to Leeuwarden. It is home to two fightersquadrons (322nd and 323rd) and it is also home to the 303rd SAR squadron. READ MORE!




Soesterberg Airbase 12/11/2008

In 2003 it was announced that Soesterberg Airbase, the cradle of the Royal Netherlands Airforce, was due to close. After many delays, Soesterberg was officially closed on the 12th of November 2008. Due to the base's symbolic value a farewell ceremony was held, which included static and flying shows of aircraft which had a history at Soesterberg Airbase. Highlights were the American F-15C Eagles and the Greek F-4E AUP Phantom II. Due to an arrangement between the airbase and the spotting group "The Hillkillers", it was possible for several spotters to enter the base that day. READ MORE!


Volkel Airbase 13/10/2008

Erwin Doornkamp, Stephan Bouman, Robbin Stalma and me were all pretty bored and we wanted to see some jets, so we decided to go to Volkel Airbase. Because we went with public transportation we had to get up early, so we hoped that it would all be worth it. Well, there are three F-16 squadrons based at Volkel so we were pretty sure that we would see some Vipers! READ MORE!


Soesterberg Airbase 20/09/2008, 21/09/2008

On the 17th of September 1944, Operation Market Garden was launched. Main goal of this operation was to occupy Arnhem, from which the Allied forces would then press on into Nazi-Germany. Sadly though the operation wasn't a succes and the Allied forces had to retreat. To commemorate this tragic event, several aircraft from the former Allied countries would drop paratroopers above various places in The Netherlands. Due to the closure of Soesterberg Airbase this would be the very last time that the aircraft would operate from Soesterberg. READ MORE!




Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford 14/07/07

After hearing many things about this airshow, me and a friend decided to go to this airshow. We went with a travel agency called HAT; Holland Aviation Travel. We had to travel from Utrecht to Breda, and via Calais we entered the United Kingdom in Dover. After that it was straight on to Fairford. I didn't get much sleep, so during the airshow I was pretty tired, but not tired enough not to enjoy the show! READ MORE!